This book is a beautiful, accessible and practical guide to acupressure and the meridian system of Chinese Medicine.  The many dimensions of Chinese medicine (organs, pathways, emotions, elements) are explored in full page color images and outlined in a way in which beginners and experts alike can be informed.  The 12 regular meridians and 3 spiritual vessels are expertly integrated with the  chakra system of Yoga. All 365 acupressure points are pictured and listed.  A selection of points are described in detail with reference to functions and related structures.   An index lists specific acupressure points useful for common conditions including headaches, digestive issues and back pain, as well as points that are helpful for getting deeper into Yoga asanas.  Three full acupressure sequences are included as easy-to-use picture charts.  

By Rose Erin Vaughan, MSAc and Tania Nunez, RYT