Science of Self: Yoga, Pathways, Organs and Emotions

By: Rose Erin Vaughan, MSAc

Design by JP Trostle
Photography by Ray Tamarra

The Science of Self is the powerful merging of two ancient healing modalities, Chinese Medicine Theory & Yoga. What are the meridians? What are the nadis & chakras? How do they affect and reflect our physical & emotional states? Can we use them to heal the body? Meridians are the pathways in the body that form a continuous web-like network along which vital energy flows. Nadis & chakras, used in the traditional Yoga system, are also energetic pathways & points in the physical body. This simple & comprehensive reference guide begins to explore the vast similarities between these two ancient systems. We also explore other basic Chinese Medicine & Yogic theories like the 5 Element Cycle, The 5 Spirits, Yogic diet & purification techniques, and their fascinating integration into one another. Empower yourself by learning how to use the meridians & nadis to affect consciousness, heal long-standing physical or emotional problems, or for spiritual cultivation. When we develop an internal awareness at a deep organ level, we can start to really understand what we feel, why we feel it, where it comes from, and how we can begin heal ourselves & others. 

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