Sharon K, NY  I am so lucky that I've found her. I've had many really great acupuncture/massage sessions with professionals well known in the fields, some were highly recommended to me by people in the yoga community. But there was never anyone who was able to do what Rose Erin Vaughan did for me. The release of the emotional burden buried deep within that I didn't even know was there, was probably the most epic acupuncture session I've ever had and it felt so great afterward. My body felt so much lighter after that session and I wish I can find words to describe the feeling of that kind of emotional release. She is intuitive, the way her hands touch and where her fingers put the pressure are exactly where the problems are. She redefined the acupuncture experience for me and I can't wait for her book to come out! (PS. I also love her hip opening yoga class)  

DiAnna G, NY I've known Rose since June of 2016 when I came to try acupuncture session.  I really liked the way she approached treatments and I decided to take one of her yoga classes.  I go to Rose's yoga classes now weekely and most of the offered seminars since then and I have noticed a lot of progress in my body.  Her yoga classes are unique and informative.  We are not only stretching our bodies in different poses, we learn origination and relation to physical and emotional well-being. I recommend everyone to try to attend one of her classes as I'm sure once they try they will never stop taking them. 

G.W. Manhattan, NY: Just go.  Stop thinking.  Erin is very kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and makes you feel very comfortable.  She is very good at treating mind-body pain and is very intuitive.  Her office is in a great pretty yoga studio.  I am a very active yogi.  I have sent friends, family members...   She is a great person I recommend her to everyone always.  I have learned a lot from Erin. 

C.K. Manhattan, NY: Erin is an expert in her field. Having received many acupuncture treatments in my life, hers stood out for her attention to detail and thoroughness in addressing my issues. It was physically intense but I felt supported so it was never "too much." I feel more aware of my body and movements. An added bonus: I slept like a baby afterwards! As a bodyworker myself, I highly recommend Erin's work.

William L, Manhattan, NY: Erin is an intuitive healer. She's patient and caring. I suffer from chronic neck pain which she relieved in just 1 visit! I see her now once a month for follow-ups. Erin is amazing!

Irene M, New York, NY: 5 stars are not enough for Rose-she is better than the best. She is calm and approachable and seems virtually egoless when working. My regular treatment is a massage/acupuncture combination. When she massages its as if her hands are communicating with my body directly so she is able to find problem spots I didn't even know existed. I initially went to her because I have chronic back pain and her acupuncture gave me prolonged relief from pain I haven't experienced in years.

Nils B, New York, NY: Erin is an amazing healer. She's very dedicated and perceptive, going above and beyond in thoroughly providing care. Her treatment is both scientific and warm - precise and effective, with a profound concern for you as her patient. She has a massage background, which she uses both to identify your tension and as a supplement to acupuncture, and yoga practice, which she uses to suggest targeted stretches.
I have a stiff neck, shoulders, and arms from deskwork, with years of tight muscles built up, and Erin has been patiently relieving these, with a noticeable improvement after each session. She even releases tension in muscles I didn't know I had! Her experience and skill are readily apparent; I've had other acupuncturists, but Erin is in a different class, and I feel lucky to have found her.

Steven A., Brooklyn, NY: I have been seeing Rose Vaughan for a while now and her treatment of my pain and muscle aches have been relieved by her use of acupuncture and massage.  I find this very helpful in living in NYC and putting up with all the stress.  These sessions make a big difference in my life and I am happy I met Rose.  I try and see her at least every other week or weekly if I can.  Give it a try and you will be happier. 

monstarchild Oh how I love your posts! Your insights are so expansive in providing understanding, and often your (Instagram) updates coincide with aspects that I'm working on personally. You are divinely guided for sure. I am (also) grateful for how you weave Yoga, anatomy, and TCM. This kind of dedication to research, understanding, then educating, all is truly special. Thank you!

ortegaalvarezveronica Erin, I've been following you for some time and I love how you integrate yoga and acupuncture in your posts! I also practice both. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

taytray15 Ah. I just love how that by reading one of your posts, I'm just flooded with knowledge. With that soon comes awareness, and hopefully then growth. I am grateful to know you! Thank you for always sharing your gift!!!

Pablo maha Very beautiful post; you are very professional and you give amazing tips for the community, thanks!

julianbeing You motivate me so much to be a better yoga guide. Everything you post is so insightful and resonant within my perspective of yoga. Thank you!

lovenatavakian Hi. Just wanted to tell you that I love your approach and appreciate all the information you offer to empower people to heal themselves. I am a big believer in the healer within - your work is inspiring.

seamusangus I'm learning so much from everything you write! Thank you for taking the time to express all that you do!

oteliaf0 As a massage therapist, I find your anatomy posts well written and very insightful. Thank you!

Deanna Rain I was introduced to acupuncture (at) nine years old. Rose Erin Vaughan is the best practitioner I have come across so far. With her knowledge and heart, anything can be healed!

Shane Koppel Rose Erin Vaughan is a healer of the highest order. She is skilled in anatomical studies and is akin to a shaman; however, she is versed in many modalities of treatment. She has an innate ability to find where you have pain and treats it. Her hands are magic and her presence and voice are hypnotic. You just feel like the person you were meant to be. It’s treatment that is literally a treat.

lyneliz Thank you so much. I am a believer in combining modalities... hearing your perspective and appreciation for mental health struggles only leads to a higher respect and appreciation for what you do. I would love to see (more) that may be extra help (for) depression and anxiety. Thank you for your sincere response to my comments.

kshama yoga (Your book and training) looks like an amazing project!!! Thanks for sharing in such a clear way.  (And) thank you so much for your amazing posts. Always learning something from them. Exhaling teaches us a lot about our attachments and need to hold. If we can't make space for the new, how are we allowing our full potential to manifest? Breath is life!!!

fannyolssonyoga Oh so excited about your book! Always love what you share and I so wish I could undertake training with you. (Your book) will be great in the meantime.

Kkerekova When does the book come out!! Can't wait!

yomo_e So exciting!! I'm sure the book will be amazing. I always learn something from your posts!! Thank you for your generosity.

suzenyoga Yes!! A book is coming, I am so definitely going to buy it right away!! I love your insights.

francescablufrida I've just read a book about Chinese medicine .... Really, really magical and interesting. I'm waiting for your book!! 

jujueda So beautiful!! Your class looks amazing. Ditto what everyone is saying: can't wait for the book!

heatherhelfrichyoga So beautiful. I have right side shoulder pain and you made me aware that I do harbor resentment towards a family member. Huge. Thank you for always sharing your knowledge.

lilaroseanna Wow, (this post) is “spot on” for me. (I have a) left shoulder issue and major heart vulnerability issues. Thank you for (your guidance).

taylme I have a very flexible lower back but my upper back/ shoulder area is so tight. I really have to make sure I take a class with you the next time I'm in NYC. Thank you! 

brookeludington (You) inspire me! I have (not yet) done acupuncture but I have actively participated in all the other activities you mention... I definitely feel like I have some Qi Stagnation going on... thanks for bringing it to my awareness. Much love!

iamcitizenjane Thanks. I love the video you have for stretching fascia based on meridian end points in fingers. I want/need … to allow circulation … To “Shen” out if we can… Chill and open… Flow. LOVE your work and the art that is you.

wackini Should I ever return to NYC my hometown, your class is heading up my list! You blend everything I deeply love about Yoga asana and the energy channels.

Svorky I have practiced (your class video on YouTube) now 5 times... this feels soooo good. Thank you!!! I love your knowledge. Thanks for sharing. I love your Instagram page as well. Greetings from Spain.

13hellis Just practiced (with your video) in my hotel room. So perfect. It was just like taking your hips class. Thank you so much for sharing yourself and your wealth of knowledge. You are very special. So grateful. Love you. 

gemfrugivore Erin, you and your work is fascinating, more than any other yogis I've seen. Do you have a video series available for purchase for people over the pond?

henaomorada I really love your posts. They are like an invitation to learn, from the heart. Thank you so much. You are a great spirit.

romanystars You have a really interesting gallery! Inspirational and educational... thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Franghia I really admire all the knowledge you have, thank you so much for inspiring my life!

mvaleria.orozcom Beautiful offerings. Thank you!

 julieannstrasser I admire your philosophy..... will you ever have workshops in the Pacific Northwest? Or Los Angeles?  Hoping so!

raquelamarche Thank you for sharing all the knowledge.

dani.the.grl I seriously wish I could do this training!!! Makes me want to move back to NYC.

eltigrejuan Wish I could be there physically! In mind and spirit I'll be there. Jai Kali Ma!

annabelleste Thank you Erin. My mantra these days is “life, use me; let me serve”.

kshama_yoga I love (your) view on surrender. I'm going to quote you.

sachidanandagowda Thanks for (your comments about) Reishi... I've used it and felt the heart sensation you describe. I wanted some one to acknowledge the same feeling I had. 

 seamusangus  Love what you write about the acupuncture theory on kidneys and the adrenals.

francescablufrida I love your posts, and I love your grace. Thank you.

labarberalejandro I learn so much from your posts. Thank you.

georges6649 Master!!! Maestra y guía emocional! Gracias por competir su saber. Merci por tout. Thank You!!!!

annie_au_yoga I don't live in NYC, hopefully you and Yoshio will have a teacher training (of) shorter duration. I would love to take it!

sarahvaynerman You are the best - we are so grateful for your knowledge and guidance!

lilaroseanna Everything you write just unlocks something for me, it's so amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

ohnnalee I am working on my feet, it is amazing how much deeper I can go since I noticed that was hindering my progress. (You) have saved me and (helped) me escape to somewhere positive. Thank you!

Bubbyjd Your posts are so educational and I am wondering if you have any resources to recommend to learn more about what you teach your followers! I live down in sunny Florida and have unfortunately been an out-of-control exerciser for a long time and done a great deal of "damage!" As a result, last year I began doing yoga full time, meditation, and going to acupuncture regularly! Needless to say it has helped a great deal, but I am thirsty for knowledge!!! Thanks again!

ig_chickoffthe312 Erin you are such a delight I look forward to your posts everyday and watch your YouTube and Facebook as well. I just hope one day I can take a workshop with you. 

itsalexvalle Happy birthday to you beautiful lady! I started following you and I fell in love with everything you post! You are amazing (and) an inspiration to me.  Sending lots of love from Barcelona. 

mercedesleandrea You are so inspiring! I've been doing yoga once a week recently, and it's challenging. You give me hope!

yogapatrice@writelaughsandy I love this lady. She combines yoga and acupuncture information in such a great way. Two of my favorite subjects.

vegasyoga Your (teaching) inspires me to look at yoga in a way that feels extremely authentic to me. Thank you!

tadasanagirl Thank you for sharing your broad knowledge and experience!

ceejkessler So beautiful! Thank you for your explanations, I learn so much.

seamusangus Always such thoughtful writing! Each time it gives me some inspiration for what I will practice. Thank you Erin!


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